South Africa’s building industry is rife with problems, so when you are building a swimming pool, it is essential to employ professionals with the experience needed to do it the right way. The mere fact that an individual or business advertises his services is not enough. You need to be sure that the person or company you employ to build your swimming pool is not only competent and financially sound, but totally ethical and trustworthy as well. The average increase in your property value when you put in a pool is around 15%, therefore it is important that you choose the right contractor.

Choosing a pool builder is no small task and definitely not a decision to make lightly. The wrong decision could cost you up front or years down the line, so it’s important to take a little time to make a careful choice. The following tips will help you narrow down the candidates and find the best contractor for your pool.

Ask for references

Building a pool involves a lot of money hence you cannot afford to get it wrong. Ask for references from people who have made use of a good contractor to lessen the risk of hiring a low standard builder. You can also go on the internet and make a search.

Check out reviews for Swimming Pool Builders. After getting yourself a number, check out their reviews from customers. If they have websites, this can be easier to do. You can also ask for verbal reviews from them by contacting old customers.

Compare and decide

As exciting and in a hurry as you might be to finally have a pool, it is important that you are not hasty when choosing your pool builder. Review the services of each builder who has gotten your attention and carefully make the final decision based on the builder you believe can meet your expectations.

Verify credentials

A solid place to start when choosing your pool builder is to check credentials.  Ask for the company’s phone number and physical address. Find out how long they’ve been in business and how many pools they have installed.  Ask who handles the construction and if subcontractors are used.

Assess customer satisfaction

Learning about others’ personal experiences is a great way to learn more about the company.  Gauge customer satisfaction by requesting and checking references. Ask many questions including when the customer did business with the company and what type of pool was installed, whether the crew was professional and courteous while on site, timeliness of work completed, how payment was handled, and whether there were any surprises during construction.

Written by: Mandy Hughes