Temperature increase

• In some cases a cover can increase the temperature of a pool as much as 4 degrees
• This is a significant saving of money and energy when compared with generating the same increase via gas or electric heaters.
• The more direct sunlight your pool gets the more temperature benefit it can offer.

Reduced consumption of chlorine

• Chlorine is the most common water sanitiser, but it degrades under UV light.
• Covers reduce the amount of UV hitting the water meaning you don’t consume as much.
• If you have a salt water pool this means your chlorinator uses less energy.
• If you use liquid chlorine it means you will consume significantly less, saving you time refilling and money buying.

Reduced evaporation

• Water loss due to evaporation is substantial. A pool cover virtually eliminates evaporation if kept on when the pool is not in use.
• If the water level drops below the height of the skimmers due to evaporation and your pumps suck in air you will quickly damage them. A cover stops this from happening.
• You will no longer have the chore of putting the hose in the pool to top up the water level. Your water bill will go down.

Reduced leaf load

• Leaves that land on the surface of the cover remain dry and often blow off again.
• Those that don’t can be swept off or collected with a leaf blower.
• Even if you don’t do either of the above, the leaves that land in the pool at the time you remove the cover can now be easily collected by a skimming net rather than sinking to the bottom.
• Less leaves in the pool means the leaf collector on your automatic cleaner needs emptying less often.
• Most importantly – less leaves in your pool means less organic matter in the water, this reduces consumption of chlorine, keeps your pool water cleaner and lessens the load on your filters and pumps.