Pool Construction

image_3Using tried and tested methods for pool construction 

We offer excellent quality finished pool construction built from individual specifications, with the correct reinforcing and using good quality steel stabilisor bars in the shell. We make use of tried and trusted products and guarantee our workmanship.

  • Build
  • Renovate
  • Repair

Affordable Swimming Pool Designs

according to clients desires
We specialize in pool reductions and enlargements, at affordable rates. We offer the solution to your pool improvements.


image_3Hot tubs and spas are pools with hot water, used for relaxation or therapy, and are common in homes, hotels, clubs and massage parlours. Whirlpool tubs first became popular in America during the 1960’s and 1970’s.

A spa is also called a "Jacuzzi" in USA with the word becoming generic after plumbing component manufacturer “Jacuzzi” introduced the "Spa Whirlpool" in 1968. “Jacuzzi” is an Italian multinational corporation that produces whirlpool bathtubs and hot tubspas with its first product being a bath with massaging jets.
Air bubbles may be introduced into the nozzles via an air-bleed venturi pump that combines cooler air with the incoming heated water to cool the pool if the temperature rises uncomfortably high. There are different temperature control options like heat pumps and a pool heater. Some spas have a constant stream of bubbles fed via the seating area of the pool or a footwell area. This is more common as a temperature control device where the heated water comes from a natural (uncontrolled heat) geothermal source rather than artificially heated.

Maintenance Packages

image_4Pool Repairs
A-Z pool repairs including conversions to koi ponds. We employ trusted methods for repairing Marbalite and fiberglass pools. Cost effective pool repairs, with a quality finish and at the same time being time conscious where no job is too big or small.

Salt Chlorinators
Take the hassle out of pool maintenance with a self-cleaning Clearwater Salt Chlorinator, manual variety also available. Using a salt chlorinator eliminates bacteria in the pool and algae does not thrive provided your PH is correct.

Solar Heating
Cost effective way to heat your pool and extending swimming periods all year round.